Dr. Elizabeth Oakley, Featured Mentor


Dr. Elizabeth Oakley, the co-founder of Beth El Ministries, Inc. has been affiliated with Colorado Theological Seminary since 2004. She and her husband, Dr. Walter, direct their ministry toward life during the first century.  Their teachings try to historically and scripturally recreate the life and culture during Yeshua’s (Jesus’) time.

Along with her interests in academic instruction, she is also a promoter of the “Arts” in ministry. Dr. Elizabeth is a song writer and enjoys prophetic dance and banner presentations.  Over the past thirteen years, Dr. Elizabeth has created banners and blessed different ministries with them.

One of her newest endeavors is to educate young women in the art of being a wife and mother. She, along with other women in her area, feels there is a lack of these qualities in the women of today.  The vision is newly formed but hopes to include: Cooking, Sewing, Housecleaning and Interpersonal Relationships with others.